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Winemaking and viticulture

Our story came into being more than 30 years ago. Taking into consideration precious natural conditions and surrounding in which we have been living, it didn’t take us long to plant the first grape vine. Slowly but surely, we have succeeded in creating the place where everyone feels good. Our wines are produce of healthily grown grapes and hand-picking. They have been produced exclusively from the grapes we produce on our own. From picking to cellar treating, we respect every berry of grape and we respect each drop of juice. We appreciate the land that feeds our vine and we take care of it following the best ecological standards. We pass on our love and passion towards the business to our loyal customers, our business partners, friends and fellow humans. In wine production, we use sources of natural basis, therefore the wine is “vegan friendly.“ You can taste a variety of wines in our Wine House and Wine Camp – Sauvignon blanc, Pušipel, Traminac mirisavi (fragnant) and Graševina classic or premium as well as our first sparkling wine “Protagonist Toni.“ Viticulture and winemaking represents our love. Owing to our care for the product(s) and the fact that we prioritise quality over quantity, we were extensively rewarded many times – prizes and certificate prove it.

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