New dimension of flavours

From an apple and grape vine
to the business of one’s life

Izletište Vinska kuća Hažić

In the heart of Međimurje hills, precisely 30 years ago, there commenced a story which has been offering each wine lover, tourist, nature lover and those appreciating intact Međimurje hills a new, so far undetected, experiece. The story is about us – the Hažić family. …. We love lyrics, but in reality we chase a hoe. We work hard in the vineyard and orchard, we grow high-quality grapes and apples in order to produce top quality wine and juice. As we cannot drink everything by ourselves, we organise tasting events in our wine house, we bake various types of strudles and scones, cut meat „z tiblice“ (from a wooden barrel). We wash barrels, fill up bottles, our wines regularly win prices in competitions, which all brings us to the fact that the cellar is our second home. Four apple varieties are kept in cold-storage, processing plant seems to work by itself and produces apple chips as well as various sorts of natural juice. We ride bicycles and drive a tractor, and we may drive all the way to Zagreb for a delivery. We love good music, so jazz and rock sometimes resonate across the terrace. As it is natural for a wine grower to keep fit regularly up and down the hills, we also organise vineyard races. We love nature and animals as things are better in nature and with a glass of wine. Life is good and we indulge it. Join us. We are located in Međimurje. On a hill.

What we do

Viticulture and winemaking


Fruit growing


Wine camp


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